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Does HairBeast & Merakhi contain any nut oils?

No, it is free from nut oils

Is HairBeast suitable for men?

Yes! Men can apply it on their beards too 

I'm pregnant, can i use the oils?
It is always best to check with your midwife / GP before purchasing

Do you ship internationally?

YES, we love all of our international  Bonita's - However we can not let you know if you will have any handling charges on your side, as all locations are different.

How long does it take for international packages to arrive?

It can take anything between 2-3 weeks to arrive, however once we have dispatched your order, it is out of our control, so it may arrive a week later

Where is my order?

When placing your order, we ship 3 - 4 days after. If you place an order on the 1st, it will be shipped either on the 4th or 5th depending if that is a week day or or weekend. We do not ship on the weekends.

We do not mass make our oils, we love to keep them as fresh as they can be. In some cases your order may arrive early & that is  if we have not sent all of the bottles from the last production. 

I am finding little lumps in my Merakhi oil, what is that?

We use the purest oils & Neem is one oil we LOVE! However naturally it is solid, so it will try its best to get back to being solid again. Simply shake it well and place the bottle in hot water, or put a few drops on your hand and allow it to naturally melt. There is nothing wrong with the oil.

My acne is NOT clearing with Merakhi, what should i do?

Acne is one thing we all dislike, we need to work on the inside as well as the outside. Drinking nettle tea and intaking wheatgrass will help to cleanse the blood and provide your body with the minerals/vitamins it needs. Same time use Merakhi on damp skin and remember to press on COLD water to the skin before you apply Merakhi!

Why do i have to pay TAX/VAT?

By law we have to add tax/vat, that is something we can not avoid, but to help you out, use this discount code! LOVE10 , we want you to happily use our oils .

Do I have to pay shipping?

Yes, you do need to pay shipping unless your order is over £50, then you get that FREE! Use discount code SHIPME for free shipping!

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