The Buddha Meditation Stone Box is a staple for many, it is the perfect meditation tool to have.

It is a solid wooden square box that holds all 7 Chakra/Meditation crystals.


The crystals do not have to be soley used for Chakra Meditaion, they can be used for general meditation or a meditation on a specific area, example - releasing negative energy / confidence / grounding.


You can also do what I love to do!

 keep a crystal with you that you feel more drawn to in your pocket, when you are in a place you love, around positive people or simply feeling gratitude , hold your crystal and say what you are Thankful for. Instantly when you hold the crystal you will remember that positive day. 


The 7 Crystals included:


Peach Aventurine - Chakra Sacral

Has all the healing properties associated wtih Aventurine but also has additional qualities specific to its colour. Peach Aventurine is a stone often recommended to help with anxiety, worry, stress and shyness. It can boost the energy of the sacral chakra and calm and balance the emotions. It can help boost creativity and can also assist in reaching a quiet state ready for meditation.



Red Jasper - Chakra Base

Is a powerful and energetic stone. Carrying this crystal with you livens up your life considerably, as it's something of a party animal, and traitionally was said to prolong sexual pleasure. 

Stimulating the imagination, Red Jasper helps you to "think on your feet". It brings you the courage to get to grips with problems assertively before they become to bing, and to see projects through.


Green Aventurine - Chakra Heart

Is a stone of prosperity and one of the permier crystals for attracting luck, abundance and success. It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness but also teaches that you do not have to be successful in the eyes of the world to enjoy a fullfilling life.

Green Aventurine promotes a feeling of wellbeing, stabilizes your state of mind, stimulates perception and helps you to assess alternatives and possibilities, especially those presented by other people.


Golden Healer Quartz - Chakra Crown / Solar Plexus / Brow

Has the ability to clean everything in your auric field, filling it with golden healing light. It even gets right into your cellular structure so that you can release old patterns and conditions. Golden Healer crystals are master healers, accessing the highest virbration of light your human body can receive and sustain, raising your body's frequency to dissolve and release blocks or foreign energies, replenish on a cellualr level and restore your body's natural balance and harmony.


Sodalite - Chakra Brow & Throat

A calming crystal that also boosts self-esteem, preception, creative expression, and endurance while easing mental unrest, oversensitivity, fear,confusion,and feelings of inadequacy. It is good for insomnia,mentel health, and healing. It helps you to communicate feelings and ideas and it constructive in group situations.


Amethyst - Chakra Crown

Calming and purifying, it improves temperament and alleviates addictions such as alcoholism and drunkenness, and addictive behavior such as ICD. It reduces anger, combats violent tendencies, and calms passion, promoting chastity. It boosts the aura, giving protection, and promotes self-esteem and skills in decision-making,public speaking, and negotiation.



Lapis Lazuli  - Chakra Brow & Throat

A "feel better stone" boosting all psychic abilities, natural gifts and skills, and bringing relaxation within its protective cocoon, Lapis Lazuli aids creative expression and wisdom. It enhances and brings clarity to dreams, boosts mental endurance, and helps to relieve insomnia. It dispels disorganization, lifting the depression that this can cause. It also promotes balance between yin and yang energies, which improves relationships.


Activating Your Crystal:

We recommending doing more research on the crystals, so you get a better idea on their properties/benefits.

1: Hold the crystal in your hands

2: Close your eyes and concentrate on the crystal

3: Visualize it surrounded by bright white light

4: Ask that your crystal will be blessed by the highest energies in the universe

5: Ask that it is attuned to your own unique frequency and that it is activated to act for your highest good

6: Then state your intention for your crystal - for example " This crystal will help me to heal", " This crystal will attract abundance and good fortune to me" - and ask it to work with you in order to achieve it.


How to store Buddha Meditation Crystal Box:

Keep the box in an area that is cool and away from negative energy. You want to treat your box like it is something "special" for you, the better you look after them, they will repay you with years of devoted service. The crystals are protected but can absorb negative energy, so keeping it in an area higher up and away from a busy area, is best.


How to cleanse the crystals:

Before you start cleansing the crystals you want to start with intention that you are removing/releasing unwanted energies.


Physical Cleaning: A little mild detergent mixed with water in a bowl, followed by a thorough rinse in clear water, will make crystals sparkle.


Running Water: Hold your crystal under running water for a few minutes. It may need longer if it's been working hard or hasn't been cleansed for a long time. If you feel that it needs a lot of time, place the crystal in a bowl of water in your sink and let the water run into the bowl for as long as necessary.


Moonlight: Leave the crystal in moonlight, especially in a full moon, or leave it out during a new moon.


Burning Incense or smudge stick: The  smokey from frankincense, sandalwood, and sage is cleansing. You can burn either incense or smudge stick.


Earth: Bury the crystal in the earth - when you unearth it a week or more later, it will be born anew. Different traditions around the world apply this technique in varying ways. One method is to bury it during a full moon and unearth it on a new moon.


Source " The Little Pocket Book Of Crystal Chakra Healing - Philip Permutt"


Buddha Meditation Crystal Set

  • Wipe with a slightly wet cloth with minimal soap, do not use harsh cleaning products as this can damage the edging.

    Dry naturally or gently use a dry towel.

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