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Enjoy our all natural Bamboo Bowl & Spoon to mix your mask in!


We wanted to create a face mask which is gentle for the skin whilst being able to remove dirt - impurities - oil BUT not totally strip the skin of oils. Detoxify the skin - Not cause any irritation and perfect for ALL skin types including DRY.


Clayer Skin is a loose powder mask, which you will need to mix to create a paste.


The perfect blend of Moroccan Rhassoul Clay & Kaolin Clay with help you remove dead skin due to the mild abrasive texture of the Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, the beautiful Rhassoul Clay will also help to suck out grime dirt pollution from deep within, YES Clayer Skin is gentle enough to use as a dail wash face too. If you have large pores Rhassoul Clay contains natural astringent properties, which will tighten the skin and shrinks large pores.


Kaolin Clay helps to draw out dirt grime pollution - Draws out oils but does not make your skin totally DRY or TIGHT. You can use Kaolin Clay as a daily fash wash too!


Both clays mixed together is perfect to use as a daily wash, as a gentle face mask to use daily, weekly or when you have that odd pimple! If you want brighter softer skin, apply Clayer Skin twice a week - Mix with either Rose Water - Lavender Water OR Apple Cider Vinegar (If you have acne)

Please keep in mind - Apply Cider Vinegar is not for all skin types, do a patch test of the vinegar behind your ear before applying it all over your face.


Clayer Skin for your HAIR
If you're traveling and you forget your shampoo, don't worry! You can take a 1/4cup of Clayer Skin mixed with Rose water, massage this all over your scalp, DO NOT allow the mask to completely dry, then rinse out with water. The Moroccan Rhassoul Clay will also detangle your hair too!

Clayer Skin Bowl Set 250g

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