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This set is the perfect trial set, it contains:
Full Size Clayer Skin Mask

Bamboo Bowl Set

10ml Shwari Recovery Oil

50ml Nzuri Chamrhi Cleansing Oil


This Facial Set is perfect for those with the following:

Dry / Normal / Irritated Skin 

If you have combination skin it is fine too, however you may feel the Shwari Recovery Oil to feel a bit heavy on the skin.

Dealing with Acne / cystic acne

Dealing with pigmentaion/blemishes

Have shadows around the mouth/forehead




Concerned about ageing


Facial set Dry Irritated Skin

  • Due to hygiene reasons, we will not accept returns or do a refund. If you have an allergic reaction, please contact info@bonitabiaan.com within 12hrs of reaction.

    We will not issue a refund:

    If you are not keen on the scent

    If you feel as though there should be a "Sweet" scent.

    If you have opened the product and changed your mind about it


    Our products have been carefully made and are hypoallergenic , we have made sure it is nut oil free and used the purest form of oils.