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Grab this package whilst it lasts! The ultimate package for working inside out. 


21 Day Detox & Glow Tea  not only works on detoxing your body, your colon (without giving you the feeling you need to sit on the toilet all day), you will feel lighter, your skin will look amazing and you will drop a few pounds too!  Yes you will feel amazing!


Adding the weekly hair oiling will help to boost your hair growth, stimulate new folicles , give you the hair you always dreamed about. HairBeast works for men and women, as well as alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia.


Please read the information about 21 Day Detox & Glow Tea under Monaive Herbal before purchasing.


You will receive:

1 HairBeast Hair Oil 100ml

21 Day Detox & Glow Tea 50g

HairBeast 100ml + 21 Day Detox & Glow Tea 50g

  • Due to hygiene reasons, we will not accept returns or do a refund. If you have an allergic reaction, please contact within 12hrs of reaction.

    We will not issue a refund:

    If you are not keen on the scent

    If you feel as though there should be a "Sweet" scent.

    Our products have been carefully made and are hypoallergenic , we have made sure it is nut oil free and used the purest form of oils.

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