Are you holding onto words that deeply that someone said? 

Are those words hurting you or play in your mind? 

Do you want to let go of your pain? 

Do you dislike someone so much that every time you see them you cannot help but just get annoyed?

Do you wish you could move on and release those negative thoughts in your mind? 


“LET IT GO” is for you! 


You want to answer these questions honestly, don’t read what you are writing, just let your own flow and write over your writing. You want to let it all out, this is for your eyes only so write the persons full name, make sure you sign it from YOU then burn the letter.

By burning the letter you release the emotions from you. 


You might have to do this 2-3 times for that 1 person but you won’t know until you start. 


There are boundary tips & reasons for why you have not set them, as well as affirmations for you to read daily. 


Affirmations! I LOVE them! They help you to not only change your life but once you start reading them, they will get into your subconscious mind and become your reality.


If you struggle to look at yourself in the mirror whilst reading them, write them down and read them over and over but do still attempt to look at yourself in the mirror. When you look at yourself whilst saying them, its like you are talking to a friend telling them something interesting and it sits in their mind. That is how the affirmations will get into your subconscious mind and become your reality.


A4 Size notepad 50pages


We ship worldwide too! 

Let It Go Notepad

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