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Nzuri Chamrhi - facial cleanser


Earthy woody - Due to the purity of our oils, the scent is strong, we do not mask our oils with fragrances.


Nzuri Chamrhi is like silk on the skin, it is just amazing! It helps with:

Lines / wrinkles

Dark Circles


Uneven skin tone

Dull skin

Perfect for all skin types

Adds glow and nourishes the skin



Vitamin K - Vitamin E - Zinc - B1 - B2 - B3 - Vitamin C & Vitamin A 


These help to regenerate new skin cells, heal your skin, add a glow, give your skin the vitamins it needs, without using harsh ingredients. Remember oil loves oil, so if you're an oily Bonita, then you will love this!

Nzuri Chamrhi Cleansing Oil

  • Keep the oil stored in a cool dark place, avoid leaving the bottle in sunlight or warm areas.

    Once used, place the lid on tightly & keep in upright position.

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