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After being "diagnosed" with Rheumatoid Arthritis after giving birth to my daughter, I refused to believe it and it led me down a route of holistic and healing.


I have been making sure both husband and I have herbal teas and my husband making sure we take our Ayurvedic herbs for our health. We strongly believe in herbs and holistic healing and now I am sharing our winter guide with you.


What you will find in the guide: Everything I make sure we drink and eat will be in this guide, herbal teas, the benefits of them so you will get a better understanding of why we choose each herb. Super foods / supplements we take.


The main focus is to heal our gut and immune system as well as be stress free.


This is a PDF file, you will receive it in your emails, please keep an eye out on both inbox and junk folder.

Herbal Winter Guide

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