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Our story


NVARA was founded in Leeds, West Yorkshire by a husband and wife team

 (Ranvir & Rajinder). Their main aim was to help others with their hair & skin, the natural way, with a touch of their indian roots.

Ranvir works for well established pharmaceutical labs and has in-depth knowledge of medicine. His curiosity led him to researching herbs, ayurveda and natural oils.

Rajinder has a background in beauty and works with skin and hair on a daily basis. She has tried and tested many products, and was often left feeling disheartened and disappointed, so  she decided to create her own infusion and thought 'let's create magic!'

Being a makeup lover, looking after the skin is a must, Rajinder, tried many face oils but she was not fully satisfied & thought "Lets create magic"

This inspiration came the day Rajinder woke up and was shocked to find a bald patch. She felt anxious, since her wedding day was getting closer and closer. Of course, she made sure  her  not only hair grew back, but that it was full of lustre, luxuriance and life!

Rajinder's amazing discovery led her to pursue her dream to help others with their hair and skin, so that men  and women could feel confident and secure about their appearance. With their knowledge and Indian roots Ranvir & Rajinder are empowered and are are making their dream a reality.. NVARA

NVARA products are made with the finest natural oils and are cruelty free, chemical free, free from nasties , hypoallergenic and above all, made with love.

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